when dance is escapism colours are a feeling music says a prayer words are magic... the etherealist artist reveals her gown

Sunday, September 17, 2006


This report is a short edition of the important aspects of the natal chart for Dysnomia and her relationship with planet earth. It concentrates on this new moon’s purpose, born of its home planet Eris, and exposes their collective influence throughout the galactic realm.

Sun in the Twelfth House

Composite sun in the twelfth house is a significant position, but it presents challenges that earthlings would rather ignore. It indicates that the synergetic collision between Dysnomia and homo-sapiens, will force the latter to encounter aspects of their inner-selves that they would normally keep hidden from themselves, as well as from others. This placement demands that the homo-sapiens – given intelligence, higher consciousness and will to power – thoroughly search their inner most caves to comprehend how psychological traits are operating egotistically and destructively.

Moon in the Ninth House

At its best, this is a positive position for learning and growth, and it is strongest in situations that emphasize communication and the exchange of ideas. Entities that exert individual gains, rationalism, control and megalomania above that of celestial and global well-being, will defy the lawlessness introduced by Dysnomia and hence, self-combust in alienation and despair, under the greater force of the moon’s potent tidal energy. What this aspect encourages is a balance of self-reliance within a climate of cooperation, unity and collective consciousness.

Moon Conjunct Mars

The conjunction of composite Moon and composite Mars indicates that narcissistic entities will assume aggression and war in the face of losing their grip on the more sentient and graceful, although almighty and primal pressure inherent at the core of the cosmos. This creates a magnetic orbit of fear that completely consumes homo-sapien consciousness, and hence dictates their daily life, stripping them of liberation and celebration. At the same time it is possible that this conjunction can channel militant forces of a positive and highly evolved nature, targeting particular entities to not succumb to the ailments, but rather, unlock artistic doorways and create crucial evidence of the universal homo-sapien condition, in order to display a mirror image of this conjunction in action.

Venus in the Tenth House

On a psychological level, this relationship between astrological activity and homo-sapien cognitive behaviour, will strongly drive the destiny of planet Earth. However, such astral rhythms will go by unacknowledged by mortals. While the development of the chemistry between the outer plane occupied by Dysnomia and that of the Earth’s, meddle in etheric communication, it will take eons of years – primarily due to the aforementioned obstacles – for a harmonious relationship to be sustained.

The only way by which this can be realised is by complete surrender to the magic inherent in nature, trust in the spontaneity of chance, and a commitment to the overriding pre-historic wisdom of our primal consciousness, imbedded in the soul of existence. The emergence of herd mentalities operating forcefully enough to attempt to govern astrological nature presented in this natal chart, herald an increase in suffering, terror, poverty, barbaric slaughter, unbearable solitude, psychological crisis and deformed physicality. A fate that will eventually swallow whole, the life-affirming essence of Earth and her natives, to her death.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

rose coloured glasses; white picket fences

We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. And we should call every truth false which was not accompanied by at least one laugh.

We admire Nietzsche because he relieves us of the true nature of the human condition, firstly by removing God and therefore negating the greatest giver of meaning to humanity, and secondly, allowing us to be Godly in our existence. This may also be why we despise him, for being Godly can be an overwhelmingly powerful act of liberation, a responsibility, a force that makes us reckon with ourselves.
Nietszche removes the rose-coloured glasses from the white-picket fences of morality, reward and faith. He’s an advocate of truth and not truth in morality but the truth of individual existence. He embraces the unbearable suffering of life by reminding us to pack our will to power as tourists of despair, into places that are seemingly meaningless. How can we find the truth of our nature if we are to resist our shadows? Don’t we deny life when we turn our back on truth? Can we mistrust the fundamentals we are born into and still find meaning?
This is the most primal of philosophy. One may feel less human and more animalistic when resolving that consciousness destroys the primal wonders of the universe. Let’s not seek approval for being authentically ‘me’. I can design my own religion, my own map of the cosmos, my own values. And I can resolve to value nothing. This is the most life-affirming of life-style. To view all exterior perspectives as questionable, to see all theories as provisional, to break free from cause and effect arithmetic and embrace chance, error, irrationality and transgression…perhaps that is why we need Nietzsche, to remind us of the dance between Apollonian and Dionysian forces, with its nexus as the dance floor of our existence.

Monday, September 11, 2006

the art of being human

...the juxtaposition of unblinking recognition of the frightfulness of life with a stubborn determination not to be subdued by it, which must often mean that even the greatest artists turn their backs on things they have seen, and insist on carrying on in spite of them, while those who achieve the supreme heights perform the further feat of converting that ‘in spite of’ into ‘because of’...

Friday, August 25, 2006

"Breach Birth"Be brave reshapeCan't force all into moldsPassing out schematicsForcing all into moldsOnce more about to changeSome try and fall beneath moldsWell it's your right so[Chorus]I'll keep on this pathTurning around bending shapesCutting it inWe could excel beyondThe latter foolsStart a new toneHating the sameEmpty the roomSo create, reclaimSovereign shapes tempting usRation out, their schematicsDare we live without moldsSo far what's left betweenThey try and fail beneath molds[bridge]Feel locked in a roomAnd starting to chokeEnticing the shameAwaken a world our own_Chevelle

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

wisdom passed down through the nuns

i think being dumped sucks
i think it's highly have to do such pathetic things in order to reign sane at the end of it
you have to look inside yourslef and tell yourself you love yourself
you have to go out with yourself instead, ha!
and you have to think up ways of not getting bored with yourself because all the gurus have told you that boredom is an exciting opportunity to start something new
they tell you that when 'new' comes knocking you must open the door
oh, and they tell you that if you love someone that you give them infinite space...did the gurus ever fall in love or is thus just ancient wisdom past down through the nuns..
if i were a guru i'd be a teacher of debauchery; part of the dionysian sect
i'd indulge in the irrational and laugh at the logic
i'd kick and scream whenever i didn't get my way
i'd live dangerously..and i'd live to tell everyone about it..that's what gurus do right?
and people would come to me for advice and i'd tell them to 'fuck off' so that they'd walk away with nothing to look into but themselves....hey, doesn't that remind you of the angelic sect, no?
just passing the baton from one blind faith to another, until you realise the only thing you can do is laugh
oh, and hope..that's a very good one too
hope that the dreams you had are still alive...dreams being dreams in your workshop of evolution
being dumped does takes more energy than dumping, it's boring and nothing to write home about, it puts you at square one with a platter of the same dreams to remind you that you are not quite there yet... truth still stands for when i am alone with my dumped self:
it's the knock backs that make you chase more
...and why do the gods keep laughing?..

Saturday, August 19, 2006

i won't let you know

i wish to build something
but something not tangible
something beyond but completely within
that exists eternally and steadfast to my being..but not my being itself..
something protected by all mortal error
it will be weightless
i wish to create it beyond the realm of art
something only i know to be
true and constant..
..and where would one find such a treasure..
in the abyss?
in the music?
in the spirit?
..i won't let you know

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Power Grid of the Soul

I can picture myself at the centre of my universe....a form of galactic matter that arrived so long ago in the realm of infinity, in this vessel, this body, to establish yet again another run for my money on how to unravel the masterpiece of 'this' life towards it's highest good...again..and again...and again...
I'm done with the egocentric impetus although I acknowledge its function in keeping me human, but beyond the five senses is the inetlligence, is it not, that plugs us into the universal power grid of collective consciousness. Life starts to look absurd and at the same time very familure when you can start reading the dialogue of life as a script of signs, messages, trials and tribulations...where's the limit of existence? What's your threshold of fear?
Well, happy to say, i've reached the abyss - self-consciously and with full-awareness. Mere constructs of the material plane are now laughable, aren't they? And how does one come to such a conlcusion when the only thing that drives her is faith and breath?
Oh well, the construct of the home becomes merely a shell of protection, for when even within it's four walls is a microcosm of destruction and construction, life, death and re-birth, you know, the cycles...the more room-mates the more complex the dynamics, the quicker the triggers...
And for love? Just as elusive..nothing certain, nothing maintained. An organic thing in itself that evolves depending on just how much you generate within yourself for starters, and look to identify the catalysts along the way. While a broken heart my be romantically distressing, what greater glory than the breaking open of a heart. To let go of an old friend who you thought was an 'extra part of you - the missing piece of the puzzle of self-completion', to let go of them in order that they may be them...and contain love for them in its purest form. Again, another stitch in one's own quilt of human interaction and intimacy..just how big can the heart grow!!! yeehah!
So take away home, and external relations, even the company of the animal kingdom, and what's left in the absence of these distractions to the spirit?
Little else BUT the soul. The engine of the body still maintaining it, the mind ticking over trying to define it, the soul itself seeking to perfect it and meet it. Ha! What a random, existentialist, foolish existence...oh well, keep tottering along. Don't forget to master the wisdom of 'face value' + 'gut instint' = 'direct course of action.' Pack with you your camping gear; pack 'light'. Oh, and you have talents - use them! They'll love it. And why, you ask, when there truly is nothing to prove of the self?
It all comes down to a matter of religion of the individual - be it art, be it ritual, be it one of those faiths that moves mountains...but keep it secret I say. Know what's fun and long as you are plugged into the power grid of the internal, eternal wisdom of the one you..then who really cares???